40 English as a Second Language 1 (ESL Beginner) For the student who: • Has little knowledge of spoken English and who feels uncomfortable without an interpreter present •Has little or no knowledge of reading and writing English • as an extremely limited English vocabulary You will learn basic english conversational skills, survival vocabulary, basic reading, writing and grammar. Part 1 LA05-S19 Instructor: Brenda Seymour Part 2 LA25-S19 Instructor: George Cabral English as a Second Language 2 (ESL Advanced Beginner) For the student who: • Can speak some simple English • Has a limited vocabulary • Understands basic sentence structure • Can read and write simple sentences in English You will expand your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, learn new vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and increase grammar awareness in an interactive environment. Part 1 LA06-S19 Instructor:HossamElsayyad Part 2 LA26-S19 Instructor:VickyProch English as a Second Language 3 (ESL Intermediate) For the student who: • Can speak and understand basic conversational English • Has basic survival skills and moderate conversational vocabulary • Can do some basic reading and writing of conversational English You will sharpen your listening and speaking skills, expand your conversational vocabulary, and improve your grammar, reading, and writing. Part 1 LA07-S19 Instructor: Natassia Yahoub Part 2 LA27-S19 Instructor: Mary Meany English as a Second Language 4 (ESL Advanced) For the student who: • Can carry on a normal conversation in English but feels vocabulary needs expanding • Can read and write most conversational English • May still have a strong accent and is occasionally misunderstood • Needs a more extensive grammar course to expand vocabulary skills You will expand your vocabulary, recognize and correct long-standing errors in speaking, and improve your pronunciation, discuss American cultural patterns in society and the workplace, improve speaking, writing, and grammar skills. LA08-S19 Instructor: Dan Gay ALL ESL CLASSES MEET: 20 Classes • Mondays & Wednesdays • 6:30 - 8:30pm • Feb. 25 - May 8 • $225 (No class April 15, 17) Textbook Required for ESL 1, 2, & 3:  Information provided on our web site and in your confirmation email. ESL - New Improved Format We are improving our ESL classes to ensure that we truly have sequential classes. In the past, our ESL Level 1, 2, and 3 classes did not have enough time to complete all the textbook lessons in 20 weeks. The improvement will start Spring 2019. Our ESL Level 1, 2, and 3 classes will have two Parts. Part 1 will be our existing ESL class and the focus will be on the first half of the textbook. Part 2 will be the new ESL offering and will focus on the second half of the textbook. Students who are eligible to take Part 2 are those students who have already taken Part 1 at Assabet After Dark. We will offer Part 1 (first half of the textbook) and Part 2 (second half of the textbook) for each level, each semester to allow all students to continue their ESL education throughout the year. Why take ESL at Assabet? At Assabet Valley, our ESL program is taught at many different levels to small groups. The sequential courses will help you progress from the beginning to the advanced level of English. You will learn and practice all skills (reading, speaking, and listening) at each level. Our Certified Instructors are warm and supportive and plan many activities and discussion to help you learn English. They are highly experienced, well trained, and have a well-organized, step-by-step program. We encourage you to compare the qualifications of our ESL instructors to those of other programs.