38 Future Planning Future Planning Basic Financial, Retirement, and Estate Planning for Women If you are a woman who feels intimidated by money issues, estate planning, or retirement planning, or who wants to know more about them but doesn’t know who to ask, this course will answer your questions in an easy, understandable, informal way. The course will cover the basics, including: budgeting, insurance, investing, retirement planning, estate planning, and an explanation of terms and examples in understandable language. Tuesday • 6:30 - 8:30pm • April 23 • $59 FP01-S19 Instructors:CarolynSpring&BrianaWillander Preparing for Retirement Are you ready to face your retirement? We invite you to hear the steps you can take to help ensure this new phase of your life is secure and enjoyable. You will create a retirement preparedness checklist by answering questions related to living choices, job or activities, how much money will be needed, asset and income sources, health-related issues, and much more. You will leave with an action plan and the peace of mind ones gets when they are ready for the next step. Tuesday • 6:30 - 8:30pm • March 19 • $55/Single $69/Couple FP21-S19a Instructor: Ryland Hanstad Thursday • 6:30 - 8:30pm • April 4 • $55/Single $69/Couple FP21-S19b Instructor: Ryland Hanstad Social Security: Your Questions Answered Learn key facts about the Social Security program including how benefits are calculated; full retirement age and choosing the right time to file; receiving benefits while working; provisional income and tax implications; and options for spouses and ex-spouses. Tuesday • 6:30 - 8pm • March 5 • $45/Single $69/Couple FP04-S19 Instructor: Alex Winkelmann What Happens After the Paychecks Stop? Are you between the ages of 50 and 70 and are either retired or thinking about retiring, then this retirement income primer seminar is for you.  Examine how to budget for retirement expenses, potential sources of retirement income and potential risks such as LTC (Long Term Care) and health care costs. There will be plenty of time for questions. Tuesday • 6:30 - 8pm • March 12 • $45 FP18-S19 Instructor: Alex Winkelmann The Latest Long-Term Care Asset Protection Strategies The high cost of long-term care can wipe out a family’s life savings in a short period of time. Unfortunately, many families are faced with this situation, finding themselves at the mercy of an under-funded government Medicaid system with limited choices. Recent legislative changes have created many questions surrounding planning techniques including; how you I protect my home? What is the penalty for giving assets away? Are my assets protected if I put them in a trust? When is long-term care insurance worthwhile to consider? If my loved one is already in a nursing home, can they protect their assets?  All of these questions and many more will be answered in this very important class. Wednesday • 7 - 9pm • Feb. 27 • $55/Single $79/Couple FP06-S19 Instructor: Daniel Williams Understanding Medicare - What It Means to You If you are close to age 65 or already on Medicare, this class is for you! It is designed to fully enlighten you on how Medicare works and the different health care choices available to those age 65+. Some questions that will be answered in this class include; How are parts A, B, C, and D integrated? What is Medicare Advantage? What are the pros and cons of HMO’s, PPO’s, and Medigap plans? Should you take Medicare if you are still employed? How to avoid late sign up penalties, and if any part of Medicare covers long-term care expenses. These questions and many more will be answered in this very important class. Monday • 7 - 9pm • April 29 • $55/Single $79/Couple FP07-S19 Instructor: Daniel Williams Wills, Estate, and Gift Tax Planning You will receive practical advice about wills, trusts and other estate planning strategies, including tax savings techniques, in this one night workshop. We will discuss the estate administration process and ways to simplify that process under the new Massachusetts Probate Code. This class will demystify the subject of wills, estate planning and gift tax planning and give you practical advice about planning your own estate. Some of the topics discussed include who will get your property if you die without a will; who you should name as executor, guardian, and trustee and what their responsibilities are; how you should address blended family issues; how you can save estate taxes and administration costs for your heirs, and what the new Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code means for you. Wednesday • 6:30 - 9pm • March 6 • $59 FP08-S19 Instructor: Andrew O’Donnell