31 Finance • Technology Finance • Technology Corporations and LLCs Are you currently running your own business or starting to think about it? Have you thought about the risk?  You might benefit from incorporating or becoming a limited liability company (LLC). Small or big, a corporation or LLC can provide plenty of protection, peace of mind, and other benefits. This seminar will help you decide whether Corporation or LLC is right for you. Learn about the advantages of forming a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC) and how to decide between them. Explore protecting your personal and business assets and how each entity is taxed. Thursday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • March 28 • $55 BF04-S19 Instructor: Pamela Sager How to Get Debt Free! If you have debt payments of any kind you should attend.  Eliminate credit cards in 1 to 4 years and your 30 year mortgage in only another 3 to 6. Learn a simple guaranteed system to eliminate all debt with your current income.  Bring a list of debts along with minimum monthly payments and a calculator - you will develop your own debt elimination plan that  you can implement immediately into your life style. Credit Report issues including easy methods to monitor, avoid identification theft and improve your credit scores are also covered. Reduce your stress and become debt free! An optional text is available in class for $49.     Wednesday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • April 24 • $55 BF15-S19 Instructor: Tim Schnelle Introduction to Investing Are you overwhelmed or confused by the volume of financial information you are bombarded with daily (“Dow up 200 points yesterday! Dow down 400 points today!! etc.”)?  Are you new to investing and would like to learn simple techniques for investing effectively? Then this class is for you. We will review different financial instruments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, money market funds, CDs, etc.) in a language that ordinary people can understand. Whether your time frame is one-to-two years, five years or retirement, this is your class. This is not a “get rich quick” course, rather basic principles laid out for those who are interested in mid- to long-range investment. Optional textbook information is provided on our website and in your confirmation email. 2 Thursdays • 6:30 - :30pm • March 21 -March 28 • $89 BF03-S19 Instructor: Segun Ige Paying for College Without Sacrificing Your Retirement Parents with children of all ages, come hear college planning observations and strategies that you will not hear from your local high school. Learn why choosing a “reach” school may be dangerous and how to predict your financial aid package even before you apply. Explore the best financial aid and admissions strategy bar none. Learn why families who make $400,000 get financial aid and how to find the right balance between your college and retirement goals. The #1 question to ask colleges that may save you thousands off the total cost will be revealed. Tuesday • 6:30 - 9pm • March 12 • $55 BF19-S19 Instructor: Timothy Higgins Student Loan Debt Relief If you are paying off student loans, you need to attend this workshop! You will learn the advantages and “how to” of consolidating government student loans – reducing your monthly payments - as well as rapidly paying off crushing long term debt. Reducing your student loan monthly payments can automatically be used to help you eliminate other debt. Loan Forgiveness information is also reviewed. You will learn the difference between various student loan repayment plans as well as how to switch plans for your maximum advantage as your circumstances change. A large majority of grads and/or their parents are vaguely aware of the options available to them, but have no specific information on how to choose or apply them effectively. Dealing directly with the government can be an intimidating and daunting challenge. The workshop includes a free workbook. An optional textbook is available for $29 from the instructor. Wednesday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • April 10 • $55 BF01-S19 Instructor: Tim Schnelle Unconventional Investing Most of us are not taught finance or investment strategies in school or the workplace. Financial education is provided to those who proactively seek it. The goal of this class is to educate and stimulate thought and/or discussion. What you will find presented are investment ideas and strategies that are rarely discussed by the financial media or large financial firms. Learn how to better manage your 401k or other work-based retirement accounts and how many mutual funds are inherently flawed and the next evolution of fund investing. Explore how to build a more diversified portfolio and better tailor it to your risk tolerance as well as strategies that will better serve you in the next bear market. Learn how conventional portfolios may struggle in the next decade, especially considering some very specific and unique current events. Wednesday • 6:30 - 9pm • March 13 • $55 BF17-S19 Instructor: Timothy Higgins