20 Indian Cooking Regional Indian Cooking will have you making a variety of regional dishes, typical of the ingredients, culture and influence of that area. When one region has influence of coconut, other shifts towards mustard, and then yet another towards lentils and greens, each unique in its flavors and textures. We will be making the all time favorite Butter Chicken, Spicy Green Beans with coconut, Pudina Pulao (Mint Rice), Gujerati Carrot Salad and Peanut Chutney. Monday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Sept. 24 • $55 CU83-F18 Instructor: Mary Vadakekalam Indian Vegetarian No cuisine in the world has made vegetarian food so appetizing, delicious and flavorsome like the Indian cuisine. Thanks to the religious and cultural influences that prevail in the Indian society, the varieties of Indian food are innumerable. Enjoy making a healthy, tasty vegetarian meal consisting of a spicy chickpeas curry (Channa Masala), Spinach and Indian cottage cheese (Palak Paneer), accompanied by whole wheat flat bread (Chapati), and a delicious Plump Chutney. Thursday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Sept. 20 • $55 CU88-F18 Instructor: Mary Vadakekalam Knife Skills for the Home Cook Using knives skillfully is essential for cooks, yet many people have never mastered proper techniques. Because knives form the foundation of a well-equipped kitchen, selection, care, and sharpening are as important as learning to use them properly. Learn how to slice, dice, and chop fruit, vegetables, and herbs safely and efficiently. Feel free to bring your own knife to class. Wednesday • 6 - 9pm • Oct. 3 • $55 CU36-F18a Instructor: Louis Trudeau Wednesday • 6 - 9pm • Oct. 10 • $55 CU36-F18b Instructor: Louis Trudeau Please Bring Containers, an Apron, and Dish Towel for All Culinary Classes Fresh Cheese and Homemade Butter Making your own fresh cheese and butter is one of the simplest and most delicious ways to get back to basics in your own kitchen while wowing your dinner guests and family! We’ll make fresh herbed and honey butter, classic farmer’s cheese, and scrumptious fresh mozzarella while we discuss the biology of cheese, how to source quality milk, and what to do with your delectable fresh creations. Tuesday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Oct. 2 • $55 CU14-F18a Instructor: Sammy Barrett Monday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Nov. 5 • $55 CU14-F18b Instructor: Sammy Barrett German Christmas Cookies: Too Good to Swap Yes, that’s right. These German Christmas cookies will be so good you don’t even want to share them with anybody. Native German, Nicole will teach you traditional cookie recipes that have been passed down to her from generations. You are in for a treat to say the least!   Wednesday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Nov. 14 • $55 CU13-F18a Instructor: Nicole Connolly Tuesday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Dec. 4 • $55 CU13-F18b Instructor: Nicole Connolly The Modern German Kitchen Nicole has taught the traditional recipes of her home region, Stuttgart, as well as the hardy dishes of Oktoberfest.  This time she will teach you how the modern German cooks.  You will learn healthy and easy-to- make German recipes you can make on a weekday.  All recipes take only about 30 minutes to prep, but the best part is that even your kids will enjoy these dishes from the modern German kitchen. Thursday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Nov. 15 • $55 CU06-F18 Instructor: Nicole Connolly Gingerbread House Decorating Want to learn the best way to build your gingerbread house? With no collapsed roof or uneven walls? Yes, please! Follow our directions as we show you how to build your house. After each demonstration, it’s your turn to take the royal icing bag so that you can create your own edible masterpiece that will really impress your family and friends! Gumdrops, skittles and candy canes oh my! Your instructor will supply lots of special treats and royal icing along with tips, icing bags, couplers, spatula and all other supplies to help you create beautiful and impressive gingerbread house. Saturday • 10am - 1pm • Dec. 8 • $55 CU123-F18 Instructor: Karen Siegel