11 Art • Music • Photography Art • Music • Photography Acrylic Painting This fun class caters to those who have never held a brush to experienced artists who would like to gain new skills. You will receive individual attention to bridge the varying knowledge base. Explore the medium of acrylic painting with emphasis on fundamentals. Topics include composing an image, creating illusions of light and space, understanding perspective, color mixing, and creating art with your own hands. The materials list will be included in your confirmation email. Please bring materials you already have. 10 Mondays • 6:30 - 9pm • Feb. 25 - May 19 • $199 (No class April 15) AR02-S19a Instructor: Felipe Zamora 10 Thursdays • 6:30 - 9pm • Feb. 28 - May 9 • $199 (No class April 18) AR02-S19b Instructor: Felipe Zamora Beginning Art No Talent Required! Are you someone who believes you have to be gifted before you can learn to draw and paint? That is a myth! You can learn to draw and paint just like you can learn to play an instrument. You will start at the beginning with drawing! Each week, you will add another tool to help you feel more comfortable with art. You will explore color, perspective, collage, and anything else you need to know to get started on the road to becoming an artist. You will dabble a little with watercolor, try out some pastels and then charcoal. Bring a pencil, paper and eraser to the first class. Supplies will be discussed the first night of class.     10 Mondays • 6:30 - 9pm • Feb. 25 - May 6 • $199 (No class April 15) AR01-S19 Instructor: Kathleen Hebert Drawing the Human Figure Discover what all the masters from the Italian and German Renaissance to the French Impressionistic movements knew about drawing the human figure! The secrets to draw the head, the torso, the hips and limbs, have total understanding of human anatomy at the palm of your hands! Learn techniques to help you improve on proportion, see through the flesh and find the bone structure, learn to apply body language to evoke emotion and personality to your figures. If you can draw lines and shapes, then you can draw the human figure too! If you are a landscape artist who wants to add figures to your landscapes or a figure sculptor who wants a great skill set, then you too will benefit from learning to draw the human figure.The materials list will be included in your confirmation email. 10 Mondays • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Feb. 25 - May 6 • $179 (No class April 15) AR12-S19 Instructor: Diego Chaves Pottery: Wheel-Throwing Essentials Discover the joy of clay. If you are new to clay, you will learn the throwing essentials including the construction, refinement, and glazing of mugs, bowls, vases, and plates. Creative approaches to the alteration and composition of thrown forms will provide challenges for experienced students.   10 Wednesdays • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Feb.27 - May 8 • $325 (No class April 17) AR08-S19 Instructor:MollyWilson Silk Painting Do you love color?  Are you curious about how Silk Painting is created? Silk Painting has similar properties to watercolor on paper. You will learn about color and how to mix new ones. Various techniques will be demonstrated, along with selecting brushes, silk fabrics, and silk stretcher racks. You will create several silk painting samplers and a unique Suncatcher.  Open to all levels of art enthusiasts. All supplies are included for the first class. A materials list is provided in your confirmation email. 2 Saturdays • 9 - 11:30am • March 23 - March 30 • $99 AR15-S19 Instructor: Nancy Opp Watercolor Painting Explore the exciting and flexible medium of watercolor! You will learn about color and light, washes, depth of space, harmony and composition. The individual attention provided will enable you to develop new skills or revive forgotten ones. Each lesson will address your respective needs and will be a mixture of demonstration, discussion, and lots of practice. A materials list is provided in your confirmation email and please bring materials you already have. 8 Tuesdays • 6 - 8:30pm • Feb. 26 - April 23 • $179 (No class April 16) AR03-S19 Instructor: Gerry Joseph Watercolor Painting - Advanced Have you received an introduction to basic watercolor skills and knowledge, such as color mixing, wet & dry techniques, and the color wheel? This class is a continuation of the concepts covered in the basic Watercolor Painting class. Develop your individual watercolor style built on your own existing skills, individual strengths and interests. You will be encouraged and supported to experiment with techniques that you may not have tried before and to use those techniques separately and in combination with your existing watercolor skills. A materials list is provided in your confirmation e-mail.    8 Mondays • 6 - 8:30pm • Feb. 25 - April 22 • $179 (No class April 15) AR14-S19 Instructor: Gerry Joseph