18 Culinary Culinary Please Bring Containers, an Apron, and Dish Towel for All Culinary Classes A Taste of Ireland Nicole loves to share some of her favorite Irish dishes. You will be skipping right over corned beef and cabbage as the Irish cuisine has so much more to offer than that. Such as Brown Soda Bread, Irish Whisky Trifle and Leek and Bacon Tarts not to mention all the yummy soups made with mushrooms, potatoes and leeks. Get in the mood for St. Patty’s Day and impress your friends and neighbors with these impressive Irish recipes. Tuesday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • March 12 • $55 CU02-S19 Instructor: Nicole Connolly A Taste of Southern Germany Join us for a fun evening of hands-on Southern German cooking where you will learn a variety of tasty, regional main and dessert dishes accompanied by fun German music, poetry, and photographs that will engage all your senses and take you away on a little journey to Southern Germany. If you have taken this class before there will be new German recipes this year.  Thursday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • March 7 • $55 CU03-S19 Instructor: Nicole Connolly Armenian Favorites Made Simple There is a misconception that traditional Armenian foods are too hard or too time-consuming to make. In this hands-on class, learn to make three classic Armenian favorites, Manti (Meat Dumplings), Khourabia (Butter and Sugar cookies) and Imrig Halvah (Farina with Cinnamon) .  You will work in a relaxed atmosphere and learn shortcuts to make these delicious traditional dishes.   Thursday • 6 - 9pm • March 28 • $55 CU116-S19 Instructor: Lisa Kouchakdjian Flavorful Soups from Around the World It’s still cold out there! Why not warm up with some hearty and flavorful soups from different parts of the world? You will learn how to make three delicious soups with fresh vegetables and different herbs and spices. Enjoy a Thai variation with dumplings, coconut milk and lime juice. Try the flavors of India with a mixed Lentil soup and enjoy a hearty Kale and Sausage soup. Monday • 6 - 9pm • April 22 • $55 CU127-S19 Instructor: Leena Dasgupta Flavors of India India is well known for the diversity and richness of the cuisine from various regions.  We will sample the best from the various parts of the country in one menu.  Menu:includes Chicken Masala, Paneer Curry, Pulav Rice, and Chutney Tuesday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • March 19 • $55 CU118-S19 Instructor: Mary Vadakekalam Indian Cooking for Beginners - Tandoori Chicken In this class we will create a spice blend to make the ever popular Tandoori Chicken. You will learn how to use this spice blend to cook Tandoori Chicken, along with some easy to make side accompaniments, such as a lentil spinach stew and a yogurt Raita. Thursday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • March 21 • $55 CU117-S19 Instructor: Mary Vadakekalam South Indian Cooking Kerala is a lush green region on the south west coast of India. Kerala is often referred to as “God’s own country” due to the variety and abundance of spices, paddy fields, and coconut palms.  The cuisine of Kerala is incredibly diverse, utilizing coconut, chili, and spices.  Kerala Cuisine I We will learn to make delicious appam, which is a bread similar to the crepe but made with rice flour and coconut milk and fermented with yeast.  The appam will be served with a chicken curry in a coconut milk gravy.  This is an ideal dish for a brunch or special holiday gatherings!!  Tuesday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • April 23 • $59 CU119-S19 Instructor: Mary Vadakekalam Kerala Cuisine II It’s all about coconuts! Kerala is actually named after the coconut tree with “Kera” meaning Coconut tree and “Alam” meaning land, hence the name “Land of Coconut Trees”. Coconut is healthy and delicious, and we will explore this superfood’s culinary diversity by making Coconut Shrimp Curry, Beans Thoran, Coconut Chutney and Semiya payasam (a delicious dessert flavored with cardamom). Thursday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • May 2 • $59 CU120-S19 Instructor: Mary Vadakekalam