30 Home Firearm Safety This Home Firearm Safety course is a Massachusetts State Police Certified Course. It covers the basic knowledge and skills necessary for owning, handling, and storing firearms safely.  This course fulfills Massachusetts Firearms Training Requirement LTC-007 and will allow people to apply for their License to Carry (LTC) or their Firearms Identification Card (FID).  Topics include the different types of firearm actions; the components and firing sequence of ammunition; how to clean firearms; loading and unloading firearms with dummy rounds; safe transportation of firearms; and important parental responsibilities.  This course is also highly recommended to parents who allow their children to use BB or Airsoft guns. Participants must attend the entire course to obtain their certificates, so please arrive 15 minutes early. Saturday classes are offsite. No Senior Discount. Thursday • 6 - 11pm • Feb. 28 • $85 HM27-S19a Instructor: Mike Burchman This class is offsite. Directions are provided in your confirmation email. Saturday • 9am - 2pm • March 2 • $85 HM27-S19b Instructor: Mike Burchman Backyard Beekeeping Have you ever thought about becoming a beekeeper? Are you curious to find out exactly what is involved? Honeybees are fascinating social insects. You will learn how much it costs, how to pick the best location, the types of hives, the essential equipment, how and where to obtain bees, and, the amount of time it takes to maintain your hive.  Find out if this rewarding hobby is for you.  Wednesday • 6:30 - 9pm • March 27 • $49 HM23-S19a Instructor:Evelyn&MichaelSchraft Tuesday • 6:30 - 9pm • April 2 • $49 HM23-S19b Instructor: Evelyn & Michael Schraft How to Grow Green, Healthy Lawns Have the best lawn on the block! Before you throw hundreds of dollars at your lawn on fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, mulchers, weed whackers, and sprinklers, learn valuable tips that will save you hours of time and frustration and money. We will also discuss organic methods for maintaining your lawn. Tuesday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • April 23 • $49 HM11-S19 Instructor: Henry Schmidt Indoor Organic Composting in New England Are you interested in organic composting? Have you ever wondered about what happens to the outdoor compost piles during cold winter months? Are you curious to know how to compost even if you don’t have access to a backyard? How about the mystical “Compost Tea” which rejuvenates indoor and outdoor plants? Learn how to create and maintain a healthy compost bin that will be fully operational during winter months and beyond. Your compost bin will be virtually odorless and will be very easy to maintain.  You will be able to compost many things such as coffee, tea, some junk mail, egg containers, fruits and vegetable peels, and more. You will take home a 1/2 lb. container of a compost starter kit which contains all the micro and macro organisms that are needed to start a perfectly healthy, organic, functioning compost bin. You will also learn how to harvest compost, and how to make compost tea all year long.  Your plants will love you, the trees will love you, and our planet will thank you for taking such a Green initiative. Thursday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • March 21 • $59 HM24-S19 Instructor: Ray Pourali Organic Vegetable Gardening Get ready for Spring and learn basic gardening techniques for creating your home organic vegetable garden. You will learn how to prepare and amend your garden soil for best growing conditions; how to prepare in- ground, raised-bed gardens and container gardens; where, what, and when to plant; starting seeds indoors; what varieties are best to plant to maximize our short growing season; how to control weeds and garden pests organically; how to fertilize during the growing season; and tips on picking and encouraging additional growth. There will be a field trip on the last day. 3 Mondays • 6:30 - 9:30pm • March 25 - April 8 • $99 HM02-S19 Instructor: Henry Schmidt Perennials for Sun and Shade - Color from Spring to Autumn Are you tired of spending a small fortune each year on annuals to get color in your flower garden? You will discover everything you ever wanted to know about perennials - the alternative to annuals. Become familiar with a wide variety of colorful perennials to enhance your yard and learn how to plan, design, install, and maintain a beautiful border and/or flower bed for sun or shade with color from Spring to Autumn! Tuesday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • April 2 • $49 HM13-S19 Instructor: Henry Schmidt