34 Fitness • Wellness Fitness • Wellness Bridge for Beginners There are several reasons why the card game of bridge is so popular. Somerset Maugham touted it as being, “The most difficult card game devised by man!” Therefore, it is a real challenge to learn how to play! The sociability of the game is another of its attributes and it also stimulates our minds, keeps us sharp and engaged! It’s really a great game and loads of fun! There is an extended two class Supervised Play option for an additional fee. ($155 Single and $249 Couple) 8 Tuesdays • 6:30 - 8:30pm • March 12 - May 7 • $125/Single (No class April 16) $199/Couple FT26-S19 Instructor: Jeanne Martin Bridge for Intermediates Bridge is a very challenging game! Players must constantly learn and practice to perfect their game. Bridge strengthens our minds and keeps us engaged socially. At the intermediate level, you already know the rudiments of bridge and should be able to adhere to Sound Bidding Practices, continue to perfect your Play of the Hand and understand and utilize Defense Techniques to your advantage. Although we do find bridge to be a challenge, it is fun and very entertaining! There is an extended two class Supervised Play option for an additional fee. ($155 Single and $249 Couple) 8 Thursdays • 6:30 - 8:30pm • March 14 - May 9 • $125/Single (No class April 18) $199/Couple FT27-S19 Instructor: Jeanne Martin Want to get Fit and Healthy? - A How to Guide Make no mistake; physical health starts with the mind. Before you do anything physical, do this! We all know of the crowds that fill the health clubs in January only to vanish immediately. No wonder people quit going. They do not have their mind right first. They are already defeated. Don’t be like those people. Be successful! We will help you see a new approach and help you remove the voice which holds you back. We do not require will power and we built our system to make the process easy and affirming. Prepare for success before you get physical. You will learn cognitive tricks which remove sabotaging voices and a more balanced approach which feels good rather than deprived. You will learn the latest tools in lifestyle modification. Ask questions specific to your challenges and receive absolutely non-judgmental advice and set a plan that actually feels good! 3 Wednesdays • 6:30 - 8pm • Feb. 27 - March 13 • $59/Single $75/Couple FT31-S19 Instructor: Ken Silva Therapeutic Taiji/Qigong Therapeutic Taiji/Qigong is a set of taiji routines designed for sufferers of osteoporosis, back pain, diabetes or arthritis. The routines are combinations of movements from the Sun and Yang Styles of Taijiquan, emphasizing QiGong, breathing control. The exercises gently promote prevention and control of these and other conditions, such as stroke, muscle injury or joint operation recovery.  Even advanced players of traditional taiji forms enjoy the smooth, gentle, flowing sequence of this modern set. 10 Saturdays • 9 - 10am • Feb. 23 - April 27 • $99 FT22-S19 Instructor: William Heinold Simplified Taijiquan Yang Style Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) is a series of slow, gently flowing, deliberate martial arts postures. Taiji improves balance, enhances general health and physical fitness, and promotes physical and mental relaxation. This traditional routine, known as the  “24-forms”, is a low impact, moderately aerobic, therapeutic exercise appropriate for all ages and every activity level. Taiji complements any fitness, rehabilitation, weight-loss or stress reduction program. 10 Saturdays • 10am - 12pm • Feb. 23 - April 27 • $175 FT09-S19 Instructor: William Heinold Sit and Get Fit Who said you cannot move in your chair? Learn how to stretch, twist, and lengthen your body through a series of easy to follow repetitive movements. You will combine this with inhales and exhales as we work with props to get the most out of every movement. There are some standing exercises using the chair as a prop and for our balance. End each class with a relaxing Savasana and feel good about moving in your chair. 5 Mondays • 6 - 7pm • April 22 - May 20 • $79 FT30-S19 Instructor: Rebecca Reber