13 Photography Photography Digital Photography I Are you still getting to know your digital camera and its features? Here’s an opportunity to learn from an expert in this seminar for beginners! Bring your camera and learn when and how to use its special features, such as program mode, manual mode, aperture priority and shutter priority. Also covered will be basic composition and best use of light for different situations, such as plant, people, macro, and landscape photography. 5 Mondays • 6 - 8:30pm • Feb. 25 - March 25 • $169 PH10-S19 Instructor: Steve McGrath Digital Photography II You are comfortable with your camera and you want more! In this class we will explore the use of intermediate camera controls such as metering (spot, matrix, center weight), exposure and exposure compensation, ISO, aperture and shutter priority. We will take an in-depth look at manual focus and its use, fill flash and flash modes, as well as controlling motion, composition, and many other intermediate and advanced techniques. You should be familiar with your camera (also, bring your camera manual to class) and be ready for some in-depth photographic training.   5 Mondays • 6 - 8:30pm • April 8 - March 13 • $169 (No class April 15) PH12-S19 Instructor: Steve McGrath Look Awkward in front of the Camera? Everyone carries a smart phone with a camera and photos are being taken all the time but most people hate being photographed because they don’t look good. Whether you are taking a selfie, getting a headshot for your social media profile, or being a bride, learning how to pose for the shot is important. Learn about the best angle for your face, camera angles, body positions, and body language that will make you look better, more confident, and natural. Tuesday • 6:30- 9pm • April 2 • $59 PH20-S19 Instructor: Alice Pepplow Digital Photography “Express” Are you looking to take better pictures, but are afraid to take your camera off of “Auto”? This two-session course is geared towards true beginners - those of you wishing to learn from the ground up and start making shots the way you want as soon as possible. We cover the essentials of exposure and focus, understanding your camera and its controls, composing your images for artistic impact, and reviewing and evaluating your images. Bring your camera to class and let us work with you to get the most out of it, and start taking pictures with confidence! 2 Tuesdays • 6 - 8:30pm • Feb. 26 - March 5 • $89 PH21-S19 Instructor: Paul Nguyen Photography Workshop - Southwick’s Zoo Join other aspiring photographers in this Zoo Photography Workshop where you will learn how to use your digital camera like a pro and improve your wildlife photographic technique, understand the settings of your camera and what you need to compose a professional looking photograph. You’ll have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned, and with so many great photographic opportunities and challenges at the zoo, you’ll have plenty of pictures and new skills to take home!  In this first class we will meet at Southwicks Zoo in Mendon at 10 AM, there will be a short presentation where we will discuss tips and techniques for getting great zoo photographs that look like they were taken in the wild!   Be sure to you bring your tripod/monopod and the longest lens you have. There will also be opportunities to photograph at feeding times and special zoo keeper sessions where we will be able to photograph close up.   In the second class we will meet at Assabet Valley and view and critique our images in a show and tell format with an opportunity to showcase your best work.   Please meet at Southwick Zoo by 10:00 AM. There is an admission fee of $25.   2 Classes • May 19 - May 20 • $89 First class will meet at Southwick’s Zoo, Sunday, May 19 • 10am - 2pm Second class will meet at Assabet Monday, May 29 • 6 - 9pm PH07-S19 Instructor: Steve McGrath Photography Workshop - Tower Hill Join us at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA where you will have the opportunity to photograph beautiful gardens, indoors and out, and learn how to better use your camera. We will experiment with using different focal lengths to alter the look of the subject and background. You will have plenty of time to photograph on your own, plus have guidance from the instructor. Suitable for photographers of all levels, however, a basic understanding of your camera is required. Review your camera manual beforehand and bring it with you along with your camera and fresh batteries (tripods are not allowed). In the second class we will meet at Assabet Valley and view and critique our images in a show and tell format with an opportunity to showcase your best work. Meet in the lobby at Tower Hill. There is an admission fee of $15 or $10 for adults 65 or older. Directions are provided in your confirmation email. 2 Classes • May 11 - May 14 • $89 First class will meet at Tower Hill, Saturday, May 11 • 11 am - 3 pm. Second class will meet at Assabet, Tuesday, May 14 • 6 - 9 pm PH13-S19 Instructor: Steve McGrath Portrait Photography Learn everything you need to know to take professional, quality portraits working with individuals, groups, children and pets. Bring your camera to class and learn about the nuances of lighting and posing, how to shoot in studio or on location, and how to master the gear you will need to create inspiring work! 2 Tuesdays • 6 - 8:30pm • April 2 - April 9 • $79 PH19-S19 Instructor: Steve McGrath