“Steve’s (McGrath) classes have really taught me how to enhance my photos and understand my digital camera. Thank you!”

Digital Photography II
Marlene Pelletier

“Steve (McGrath) is very knowledgeable with many years of experience. He has many good tips to improve your photography skills.”

Digital Photography II
Daniel Sylvester

“The instruction is clear, comprehensive, and creativity-minded. A fantastic resource for the intermediate photographer!”

Digital Photography II
Matthew Williams

“Steve McGrath is an excellent photographer and a great teacher! I highly recommend taking any of his classes.”

Digital Photography II
James Williams

I was a little apprehensive about what this class would entail, but it was very casual, lots of fun.  Alice was very personable and engaging and I learned a lot!  Loved it!

Look Akward in front of the Camera?
Susan Lankton-Rivas

I have not met a professional so aware of body issues women in particular have and are able to address them beautifully!

Look Akward in front of the Camera?
Cheryl N.

Excellent class!! Teacher passionate.

Digital Photography I
Ellen Mavretic

Just wanted to let you guys know, how awesomely talented the both of you are.  Thank you for all your help.

Digital Photography "Express"
Popia Greenwald

Enjoyed very much!

Digital Photography "Express"
William Weiblen

I have had my camera for 4 years and despite reading the manual, I really didn’t know how to take pictures with it! Learning what this camera is camera is capable of doing through this class will make my picture taking far more enjoyable and productive!

Digital Photography "Express"
Paula Lee

Excellent concise information.  Instructor very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, great speaker.

Portrait Photography
Barbara Barry

Steve was very knowledgeable and super helpful.  Made sure we all knew what was going on and actively worked to help us.

Portrait Photography
Alex Saniuk

Great course for people of all skill levels.

Natural Landscape Photography
Jon Hulme

This course provides good knowledge for advanced learning classes.

Adobe Photoshop CC: Basics
Paul Mathieu

Energetic instructor with a lot of personal knowledge.

Digital Camera Settings and Controls
Lisa Dubois

Great presenter, very knowledgeable, answered all of our questions.

Digital Camera Settings and Controls
Janice Gallagher

I have learned a lot taught by a warm encouraging teacher. He has created a new hobby for me.

Digital Photography I
Sue Rushfirth

Instructor was great, explained everything in a manner you could understand and relate to. Looking forward to taking another class with the instructor.

Macro / Close Up Photography
Anissa Tomyl

The Zoo was awesome, great animals to photograph.  Steve is great, energetic, and helpful instructor.

Wildlife Photography Workshop
Mary Newth