Very enthusiastic instructor.

Spanish Conversation
Mark Tessier

This is a wonderful class for those wanting to improve their French.   The teacher is excellent, dynamic and dedicated to our learning process!

French Advanced
Jennifer Stewart-Owen

Great class given by a native French speaker!

French Advanced
James Owen

Veronique is a wonderful teacher who customizes her material and teaching in a way that is meaningful and enriching for her students.

French Advanced
Jack Doolin

Loved this class!  So much better than my previous classes with a different instructor.  Veronique has great energy and really cares that you understand everything.  She is so dedicated, hard working, and funny to boot!  So much material is offered, great amount of content in short time period.

French Intermediate
Sheri Brooks

A wonderful class, brings France into the class as if we are there.  I learn a bit more each time.

French Intermediate
Donna Johnson

This is a wonderful class for anyone serious about learning French!

French Intermediate
Alan Brooks

If you want to have fun and learn to speak French, this is the class for you.

French Intermediate
Susan Meyer

I really enjoyed having Rosangela as an instructor. She is definitely committed and passionate about the material.

Brazilian Portuguese Basics
Mark Rukakoski

An excellent start to learning Brazilian Portuguese.  I feel confident enough to practice at local stores and restaurants.  Very enjoyable.

Brazilian Portuguese Basics
Cheryl Blaze

The beginner Portuguese class was phenomenal.  From zero fluency, we were able to learn how to have simple conversations, understand dialogues and readings, compose multiple sentence texts, and understand Brazilian culture.


Brazilian Portuguese Basics
Roseanne Cataldo Enriquez

Excellent way to learn a 2nd language.  This course combines reading, auditory and oral practice.

SPanish Basics
Mary Keefe

I am very grateful to Assabet for helping me to live better in this wonderful country.

English as a Second Language 2
Marcus Mendes

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I learned a lot. I need to continue studying in this area.

Spanish: Beyond the Basics
Robert E. Kellogg

The instructor was very upbeat and really cared about us learning the language.

Spanish: Basics
Lisa Paquet

The teacher was very enthusiastic! Sandra taught us about Spanish culture which was all new to me.

Spanish: Basics
Connie Doyle

Veronique is completely engaging and caring. She loves teaching the language and cares that everyone gets it and learns.

French: Basics
Scott Lilliott

This teacher goes the extra mile!

French: Basics
Patricia McCord

Veronique is great and her explanations clarified many aspects of French for me.

French: Basics
Robert Low

I’ve been out of school for a long time and she made learning French fun!

French: Basics
Kevin Murphy
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