“This is my 8th class and I’m still learning from Felipe. His critique is the best!”

Acrylic Painting
Arthur C.

This course was educational, interesting, and fun. I plan to practice the proper techniques I learned!

Proper Gravestone Rubbing
Erica Fleischman

“I LOVED this course. The instructor, Brenda Sullivan, was so knowledgeable in the history and background of this art. I hope that this is offered again so I may go and share the experience with more friends! Thank you.”

Proper Gravestone Rubbing
Maureen McCaul

Felipe Zamora was an excellent instructor. I had no experience with painting and, with his instruction, was able to produce paintings that I am proud of. Would definitely take again to continue improving.

Acrylic Painting
Sharon McClory

“The instructor (Molly Wilson) was able to work with new and experienced students without slowing down the rest.”

Pottery: Wheel-Throwing Essentials
Laurie Eosco

“Molly (Wilson) makes the class easy to follow and you will find yourself making all sorts of pottery in no time. A must-do if you live in the area.”

Pottery: Wheel-Throwing Essentials
Sharat Ramachandra

Gerry’s Watercolor Painting was a lot of fun for a beginner.  Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Watercolor Painting
Nina Barbieri

Kathy is an exceptional teacher,  and helps each student regardless of their skill or ability to produce work they are proud of.  She makes sure we have fun!

Beginning Art
Natasha Chisholm