Very enjoyable, great instructor, a lot of wonderful members from the  Fairs n Squares dance club were there each night to help you learn and partner with. . I hope they will return in the Fall for a longer course
Square Dancing
Patricia Franklin

New, fun, excellent instructor and terrific partners.

Square Dancing I
Pat Franklin

Our instructors (Steele and Janis) are excellent and inspiring.  They both offer clear instruction.  I feel supported and encouraged.  My spouse and I had a blast.

Ballroom Dancing I
Mary Clancy

I learned a lot. Out of my comfort zone.

Ballroom Dancing I
Sherly Veeraragavan

Ballroom Dancing II is a good activity for couples to attend for physical activity and enjoyable.

Ballroom Dancing II
Grace Guevawa

The course gave me an edge on anew career.  I would gladly recommend trade education of any sort to anyone who wishes to escape the entry level or simply to enrich themselves.

Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Prep
Christopher Thibeault

Dancing with Gypsy has taught me to stick with it even if the moves are hard.  She is very patient and I admire her dancing so beautifully.

Belly Dancing I
Ghislaine Fournier

Gypsy is full of life/energy and experience and great knowledge about the dance.

Belly Dancing I
Lisa Ann Tambolleo

This class is a lot of fun, enjoyed it a lot.

Belly Dancing I
Sandhya Shenoy

I have been taking this class for 2 years because it is so much fun.  Mary is such a good teacher.  She goes at a great pace and breaks the dances down, making it easier to learn.

Line Dancing II
Carol Parker

I love hanging with Mary and the class, fun and great social group.

Line Dancing II
Kathleen Goneau

I have gone from a beginner in dancing to extremely proficient thanks to Mary’s simple teaching style and her enthusiasm.  It’s contagious!!

Line Dancing II
Steven Levy

Fun way to exercise and learn new dance moves.

Line Dancing I
Gillian Lennon

“Excellent instruction, demonstration, and application. See you on the dance floor!”

Ballroom Dancing I
Barry Decker

“The best Ballroom Instructor ever! Learn a lot and have fun in the arms of your darling.”

Ballroom Dancing II
Victoria Cudmore

“You could NOT ask for a more patient, caring, and fun teacher. You will look forward to coming to class each and every week!”

Line Dancing II
Susan David

My husband and I didn’t know a single dance step. Now we have some fun moves we can be comfortable using on the dance floor. I can’t believe how far we’ve come in such a short time.

Swing II (Couples)
Mary Clancy

Mary is a pleasure. I would come back again.

Line Dancing II
Dottie LaRiviere

Great teacher. Takes time to explain and shows steps.

Line Dancing I
Celeste Buckley

3rd time, class is great.

Line Dancing I
Barbara Conroy
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