The instructor (Ellen Gugel) had great enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject matter.

Grant Seeking
Paula Longden

“Ellen Gugel is personable, skilled, and inspirational. Excellent introduction to the world of grant writing.”

Grant Seeking
Mary Arata

“I had so much fun learning more about flowers and gaining more knowledge about it. Dawn Bagocius had us engaging and loved her homework assignments! Thank you so much!”

Entry Level Florist Training
Anne M. DiResta

“The offering of this class had me visit my local florist and I am already working there! And it is a great job! Thank you, Dawn Bagocius. Thank you, Assabet After Dark!”

Entry Level Florist Training
Diane Cameron

I think the class was very informative and saved me $3,000.00 I was giving to have the book published.

Publish Your Book Guaranteed
Isaac Gavin

Great class.

Publish Your Book Guaranteed
Paul Silvestri

Great offering by Assabet After Dark! Useful in all facets of life – at home or at work provides great opportunity for self improvement!


LEAN White Belt Certification
Jacy Settles

Kim was awesome! She has a very nice way to keep everyone engaged and it was fun while we learned about Lean.  For a 3 hour class time flew by fast!

LEAN White Belt Certification
Kerry Kilroy

Awesome program!

LEAN White Belt Certification
Julio Zayas

A great segway into the world of grant writing!

Grant Writing
Thomas Jordan

Ellen showed us how to view the grant application through the lens of the grant reviewer and improve the success of the funding.

Grant Writing
Shiamin Melville

This class helped me to get a better position at my work.  Thank you.

Quickbooks Desktop Part II
Glendaly Reyes

The course are excellent, interesting and helpful to any that have or work in any corporation.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Basics
Ruth Torres

It;s really good to know about the process of accounting for financial in your business.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Basics
Biance Flores de Oliveira

The class was fun and light and flew by!  I learned a lot and would love to learn more.

How to be a Voice Over Talent
Caroline Davies

“Gary takes otherwise dry material and spices up the “need-to-know-this” quotient by telling real life anecdotes. He’s an expert and happy to share his experiences and knowledge.”

Accounting & Bookkeeping Basics
Ghi Vaughn