I have been doing yoga for several years with Lorna, each semester she seems to add something new expanding on what we’ve done.

Gwen E. White

Loved Lorna’s personality she made the class fun!

Yoga/Pilates Fusion
Lora Burroughs

Lorna is a wonderful instructor.  She also brings in the other areas of exercise like Pilates which make is so wholesome.

Rashmi Sastry

I enjoyed the classes and learned a lot. I am a newcomer to Yoga/Pilates and found the class moved at a comfortable pace, yet was still challenging and enjoyable.

Yoga Pilates Fusion
Patrick Duggan

I highly recommend the yoga class with Lorna. It is perfect for all levels. It is my favorite night of the week.

Amy Armour

Correct way to strengthen my core.

Carol-Jean Zysk

Great class for all ages and all levels.

Patricia Capobianco

I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to each and every class. I think Jennifer is a superb instructor, simply the very best. She helps us learn all moves.

Maryellen Nargi