Great class!  I had no idea how my pieces would come out and just trusted the creative process.  The result was better than I expected.  Good fun!

Contemporary Floral Design
Deborah Genovesi

Kelly is great!  She is helpful, insightful and funny!

Paper Quilling II
Megan E. Elkins

Use your imagination.  Have fun.  Share time with creative people had a blast! Catch the wave.

Sea Glass Window Workshop
Michelle Spingel

Great class! Loved it!

Sea Glass Window Workshop
Tina D.

This was a great class!  I had a lot of fun and learned a lot as a complete novice.  Vicki is very knowledgeable and works very well in a class of different experience and levels.

Sewing Basics
Lynn Shugrue

Great class, fun, hands on, loved it!

Holiday Boxwood Tree
Bonnie Dunbar

Dianne has all the attributes of a perfect teacher – knowledgeable, patient and kind.  I would recommend that anyone with even a fleeting interest in learning to knit take Dianne’s class.  In fact, even advance knitter would likely learn something new.

Basic Knitting
Debbie George

After trying unsuccessfully many times before to learb to knit, Dianne finally made it click.  I learned several knitting stitches and ended up with a finished project.

Basic Knitting
Susan King

This was a fun class with lots of socializing and helping one another.  The instructor was great.

Sea Glass Window Workshop
Carol Munroe

This is the 2nd class I took, one in September and now November. Can’t wait for Spring 2019, I will sign up again.

Sea Glass Window Workshop
Cindy Fensin

Kelly knows her stuff and was a great teacher.  She made us believe we could do anything!

The Art of Paper Quilling
Meredith Elkins

A great way to learn beginning stained glass project, it’s ready to hand in the window- Jane was wonderful!

Stained Glass Sun Cathcher Workshop
Elizabeth Antonucci

Great class.  Very fun, easy to understand.  Hope to do advanced class.

Stained Glass Sun Cathcher Workshop
Chris Ashe

If you are looking for a beginner knitting course that has individual attention, this is the class!

Basic Knitting
Rachel Siegel

Fantastic teacher!

Basic Knitting
Henry Doherty

Nancy is very patient, kind, and has a full understanding of the subject matter.

Sewing: Basics
Nancy Marden

My mom and I take the class together. It was a great way to decompress after a long day and now I know how to use my machine! 🙂

Sewing: Basics
Pam Porter

The teacher was excellent.

Jewelry Design
Allison Smith

Great Course! Great Instructor!

Perfect Fitting Skirt
Jean Butler

It’s was a good experience having your sewing machine and your scissors to cut materials to do anything that you want. Make the class longer so we can learn more.

Sewing: Basics
Marise Augustin
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