“Good overview, very interactive; answered any question. I recommend this course.”

What Happens After the Paychecks Stop?
David W.

“I was very happy with what Megan Scipione said, how she explained things and the tools she gave us. I feel that I’m better prepared to attack my financial future now. I would recommend this class to someone that is looking for financial advice. “

Financial Wellness Roadmap
David Sommerville

“The class was great. Megan Scipione seemed prepared for a lot of different financial situations and was nonjudgmental. “

Financial Wellness Roadmap
Kathy Faddoul

“Megan Scipione provides a thoughtful class for people to assess their current financial situations and plan for the future. We had the opportunity to discover our personal connections between money habits and future goals. She provides resources for the class to access and follow along with as she shares her wealth of knowledge to financial freedom. A few major takeaways I gained from the learning experience was the depth of emotional connections of money habits and how it is not too early to start thinking about retirement.”

Financial Wellness Roadmap
Andrea Nykiel

The ‘Understanding Medicare – What It Means to You’ course is a must as you navigate the ins and outs of this benefit. The knowledge you get from this course will save you money over the lifetime of your Medicare journey.

Understanding Medicare: What it Means to You
Emma Parsons

“I am young and had a lot of questions as I take care of elderly family members. This class gave me a lot of guidance!”

Social Security: Your Questions Answered
Sharon Paolini

“Mr. O’Donnell (the instructor, Andrew O’Donnell) gave an excellent presentation and had great examples of complex matters.”

Wills, Estate, and Gift Tax Planning
Arthur Spears