The ‘Understanding Medicare – What It Means to You’ course is a must as you navigate the ins and outs of this benefit. The knowledge you get from this course will save you money over the lifetime of your Medicare journey.

Understanding Medicare: What it Means to You
Emma Parsons

“I am young and had a lot of questions as I take care of elderly family members. This class gave me a lot of guidance!”

Social Security: Your Questions Answered
Sharon Paolini

“Mr. O’Donnell (the instructor, Andrew O’Donnell) gave an excellent presentation and had great examples of complex matters.”

Wills, Estate, and Gift Tax Planning
Arthur Spears

“Many helpful study tips were given. The instructor (Erin Silveira) was really nice and the class was very educational.”

SAT English Bootcamp
S. Silva

“This is an essential mini-course for any adult that is interested in preparing for disasters. A truly excellent presentation!”

What’s Your Disaster Plan?
Donald Pottle