“This class is informative and very interesting. Jonathan Stein (the instructor) was very knowledgeable and engaging! I learned a lot more about gardening than I expected which I really appreciate. I recommend it to anyone that is looking to learn something new and different.”

Basic Home Gardening
Briana Shelly

“Henry Schmidt (the instructor) answered all my questions with great detail. He is very informative and super knowledgeable.”

Fall Pruning and Winterizing
Joan Cutter

“(Essential Practices for the Successful Landlord) is a needed and necessary course for anyone becoming a landlord or purchasing a rental property.”

Essential Practices for the Successful Landlord
Donald Pottle

Good class for novices.

Home Electrical Repair
Lisa McPhee

Great intro to perennial plantings.

Perennials for Sun and Shade - Color from SPring to Autumn
Christine Johnson

These folks are informed, knowledgeable and direct, as well as generous with their scope and time.

Sellers Beware!
Yolanda Rigali

Wow, how informative!  These guys know bees.

Backyard Beekeeping
James Billings

Very enjoyable – learned so much!

Backyard Beekeeping
Grainne Bell

Provided a clear and true insight into the world of beekeeping.  A “must” for newcomers.

Backyard Beekeeping
Rebecca Correa

Great class! Tons of knowledge. Hands on tour was fantastic!

Buying Foreclosed Properties Part Two
Michael Copperwhite

Diane and Jo-Ann are very knowledgeable and eager to answer questions.

Buying Foreclosed Properties Part Two
Laura B.

Diane and Jo-ann are important, essential teachers and guides for individuals preparing to buy or sell a home. Their information is timely, crucial, helpful, useful and pertinent.  You’ll leave their presentation informed!!

Housing Options for Seniors
Yolanda Rigali

Instructors very knowledgeable and easy to speak with.

Housing Options for Seniors
Ken Wolfe

Henry Schmidt is knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge.

How to Grow Green Healthy Lawns
James Pease

Great hands on class and much more affordable too compared to those big buck seminars. Thank you.

Buying Foreclosed Properties, Part One: Classroom
Roger Magalhaes

I learned a lot more about taking care of plants than expected.

Fall Pruning and Winterizing
Eric G. Johnston

John Chavier is an excellect teacher with a sense of humor.  His knowledge of electrical wiring and ability to explain concepts to theory analysis is very important.

Home Electrical Repair
John Chavier

Best home buying class I’ve taken so far.

First-Time Home Buyer Workshop
Martin O'Sullivan

Henry is a wealth of landscape care. I have recently returned to Massachusetts after being away for 17 years. His class then was fantastic and continues to share his knowledge! Awesome!

Fall Pruning and Winterizing
Loreen Y.

Did not want to leave. Mike was full of information. Great class.

Home Firearm Safety
Richard J. Paul Jr.
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