“The information shared as well as hands-on learning was very helpful. Instructor Susan Clark was excellent-very skilled, knowledgeable, positive, and patient. Her demonstrations were very helpful. It was such a positive experience to practice in class and leave with actual skills! ”

Reiki Certification Level 1
Cindy Gordon

This course was informative and validating for anyone experiencing a loss.

Moving Through Loss
Wendy R.

“Ginny Wholley has inspired me to further pursue the practice of mindfulness.”

The Power of Mindfulness
Jane Chertoff

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but this class was much better than I could have imagined! I feel better, lost one pound, and know I will reach my goal! I have hope now!”

Hypnosis for Weight Control
Alesia V.

“Instructor (Ginny Wholley) was awesome! Full of knowledge, respectful of student comments and questions, and very positive!”

Healing your Relationship with Food
Linda M.

“I enjoyed Virginia Slep’s knowledge, compassion, and well planned class.”

Hypnosis for Sleep Disorders
Lydia Guilbert

“I believe this course (taught by Virginia Slep) is life changing.”

Hypnosis for Sleep Disorders
Mary Peters

Reiki class is an experience of a lifetime, and Susan is a wonderful instructor.

Reiki II
Divya Marwah

It was terrific and just what I expected from Natasha having taken her earlier session focused on feet.  She is welcoming, thorough and was helpful throughout.

Knee Gym
Paula Moore

Susan is knowledgeable about reiki and an exceptional teacher!  Would gladly recommend her!

Reiki Certification Level I
Lindsay Aguilar

Laura is a master at her work.  She brings her talent for everyone of all levels of interest and openness.  She has an open, honest friendly approach.  A true delight.  I look forward to learning more from her.

Connect with Spirit Guides
Joan Dichele

Ginny clearly embraces mindfulness.  She appears to practice what she preaches in a kind gentile manner.

The Power of Mindfulness
Joan Dichele