When I first took the SAT I had no idea what I was going in for. I studied a little but it was the bare minimum. I was very excited when I saw Assabet After Dark had a Boot Camp that only lasted one weekend. They were two very long days but it was well worth it. My scored improved a lot. I went from a 940 to an 1130. Now I know that isn’t the best but it was a major difference. I know that my improvements were from the boot camp I attended. I learned SO much! The teachers really focus on the things that you can do to improve your scores. They teach you content, test taking strategies, and how to prepare. I would highly recommend this to underclassmen. The sooner you start preparing the higher those scores will be. SAT scores are essential when it comes to looking for a college and scholarships. Do not wait until last minute to start preparing, take advantage of this class!

SAT Bootcamp for Seniors
SAT Bootcamp Cor Diaz, Hetshinily

Wow, I just spent my Tuesday night playing with worms! Who knew I’d learn so much after work?

Indoor Composting
Sondra Murphy

Luis clearly knows his stuff! His gentle teaching method is wonderful.

Dog Training Basics
Stephanie Hilliger