Great beginners course.

Beginner Fly Tying
Charles Daniels

Very Enjoyable.  Newly retired and now a great hobby!

Beginner Fly Tying
Bill Sutherland

Loved the class! We had a lot of fun and really learned to hit the target.

Kinga Hosszu

I loved the class, plan on taking more. We met some great people and the instructors are fantastic.

Archery I
Peter Eames

Having been in education and training for the past 37 years, I can say Mark is a superior teacher and coach!

Archery I
Henry Tarbi

Mary Kate helped me solidify parts of my game which were shaky and inconsistent.

Tennis Ladder: Beginner with Instruction
Brian Menezes

I enjoyed learning a new skill –  a hobby that gets me outdoors and active.

Victoria Wittman

The class size of 12 gives the opportunity to shoot and get personalized attention from the instructor, hope you have the class again.

Lori Tuck

Loved it!!!

Golf: Basics
Becky Jackson