A culinary class that was fun, environment friendly and supportive instructor!  Excellent!

Fresh Cheese and Homemade butter
Eva Macarthur

Sammy was great!! I had a blast! Learned so much! Thank you!

Fresh Cheese and Homemade Butter
Caroline Sands

This relaxed and hands on program took the fear out of making dough.

Armenian Favorites Made Simple
Stephanie F.

Sammy was an excellent teacher! Very informative used hands on! Big class but felt like one on one attention.

Fresh Cheese and Homemade Butter
Jacqueline Puleo

Great time, learned lots of new techniques.


Cupcake Decorating
Deborah Tevin

Armenian Classics Made Easy is one of the funnest classes you can take, enjoy food and make friends while doing it all!

Armenian Classics Made Easy
David R. Gaudette

The hands on learning was excellent.  It really felt like being in the kitchen with mom or auntie showing me how to make it taste and feel good to cook.

Armenian Classics Made Easy
Ralp A. Tiscione Jr.

Great class! Lisa creates a relaxed and fun environment.

Armenian Classics Made Easy
Melissa Noroian

Great class, looking forward to taking the next one.  Thank you Nicole!

The Modern German Kitchen
Nathan Jerome

Exceeded my expectations. Very enjoyable.

German Christmas Cookies: Too Good to Swap
Kate Parker

Great cooking and learning experience. Delicious flavors and recipes I’ll use again.

Indian Cooking
Shannon Sullivan

Learned how to make butter, farmers cheese and mozzarella.  It was a lot of fun.  I’m sure to try it at home.

Fresh Cheese and Homemade Butter
Carmelita Bello

“Amazing food with an amazing instructor.”

Indian Vegetarian
Esha Saane

I would come every week to learn and cook with Amy.

Super Foods! Super You! Dinner Party
Nancy Hughes
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