44 French Basics Learn to converse in a beautiful second language! French is spoken not only in continental France but also in many other nations touched by French culture. If you would like to learn how to converse in French, this beginner’s course will prove a fun and rewarding experience. You need a three-ring binder for hand-outs. There is an optional Thursday night study group for an additional fee. 10 Wednesdays • 6:30 - 8:30pm • Sept. 26 - Dec. 12 $199 without Study Group / $299 with Study Group (No class Nov. 21) LA09-F18 Instructor:VéroniqueMeynardDixey French Intermediate Improve your conversational French with intermediate level grammar. You’ll learn new vocabulary, useful expressions, and become comfortable with both present and past tenses. You should feel comfortable speaking basic sentences. You need a three-ring binder for hand-outs. There is an optional Thursday night study group for an additional fee. 10 Tuesdays • 6:30 - 8:30pm • Sept. 25 - Dec. 4 $199 without Study Group / $299 with Study Group (No class Nov. 20) LA10-F18 Instructor:VéroniqueMeynardDixey French Advanced Improve your conversational French with advanced level grammar. You will extend your vocabulary, learn useful expressions and the subtleties of the French language. You will review past and future tenses. You should feel comfortable expressing yourself in the present tenses. You need a three-ring binder for hand-outs. There is an optional Thursday night study group for an additional fee. 10 Mondays • 6:30 - 8:30pm • Sept. 24 - Dec. 17 $199 without Study Group / $299 with Study Group (No class Oct. 8, Nov. 12 &19) LA21-F18 Instructors:VéroniqueMeynardDixey Introducing Our New Instructors! Gabrielle Aydnwylde is a designer and artist driven by a deep and eclectic educational background and passionate curiosity. She has developed the Sensory Design framework over many years to unify scientific, psychological and physiological concepts into a system that brings perception and human experience to the forefront of spatial design. Dawn Bagocius, artist and owner of Dove Tales Floral & Art Studio, is a certified floral designer and graduate of Rittner’s School of Floral Design in Boston. She has 35 years of experience consulting, buildng direct sales teams, and corporate program management. Learn more at DoveTalesWorldwide.com. Kelly Bakiri is the regional representative of Massachusetts for the North American Quilling Guild, and the owner of KBpaperArtistry. She has over 8 years experience in the art of paper quilling and teaches private and group quilling classes. Learn more at Facebook. com/KBpaperArtistry. Aine Cunningham-Smutzer holds a Masters degree in Education from the University of Rhode Island. She has taught freshmen college courses, and grades 7-12 English in both private and public school settings. Prior to teaching, Aine spent ten years living abroad. Andi Freedman, founder of Mind Over Food and a certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist, uses ìCognitive Coachingî to change your THINKING about food and eating. Andi has been teaching workshops and working with individuals in the greater Boston area and throughout the US. Learn more at MindOverFood.com. Segun Ige, PhD (MIT), is the Founder and President of Anike Foundation Inc., a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation established in 2007 to promote literacy throughout the African continent where more than 45 million youths are illiterate. He received the 2017 D&K Suomi Humanitarian Award. He is an ardent investor and a certified Laubach Action Tutor. Learn more at AnikeFoundation.org. Christina Lashua has 21 years of experience as a Financial Advisor and has been with Edward Jones since 2005. Both Christina and Mary Heline (co-teacher) are Financial Advisors with Edward Jones in Leominster, MA. Virginia L’Bassi is a certified Catalyst life coach and owner of Flying Vee Life Coaching, on a compassionately relentless mission to help women recognize their innate power, remember who they truly are, and reclaim their joy! Coaching with her is an opportunity to find your truth and use that knowledge to take action in creating sustainable life changes. Learn more at FlyingVeeLifeCoaching.com. Susan Olsen Orpilla has a B.A. in Leadership and Organizational Studies from Bay Path University and 20 years of experience in communications, community relations, and personnel relations. As a professional speaker and coach, she empowers individuals and teams to bring more joy to the forefront of their personal and professional lives. Learn more at SusanOlsenOrpilla.com. Judy Paiva has worked with fabric and thread since high school. She considers herself a traditional quilter with a modern twist. Her recent work has included experiments in quilting arts such as thread painting and pictorial quilts. Learn more at ThoughtfulThread.com. Meet Our Instructors Meet Our Instructors