33 His system is brilliant and do-able. When the lightbulb went on, I felt very hopeful about my future. How to Get Debt Free! Continued… 3D CAD Workshop Do you have something you want to model or design? Come learn the basics of 3D modeling. This class will empower you with some beginner knowledge about how to turn your design ideas into a 3D model that you could make into real-life objects.  We will be talking about and using parametric 3D modeling CAD, such as Fusion 360 or OnShape which is low cost or free software. If you don’t have an account with one of these software applications, sign up for one and be prepared to dig-in the first night. Most run on Windows or Mac. If you load the software on a laptop bring it or at least please bring a 4GB or larger thumb drive to save your work. 4 Mondays • 6 - 9pm • Sept. 17 - Oct. 22 • $125 (No class Oct. 1 & 8) TC44-F18 Instructor: Randy Lennox 3D Printing Workshop Would you like to do something with 3D Printing? Come and learn where to start and how to create something for 3D Printing. We will discuss the different software, equipment, and materials required along with the tips and tricks of the trade.  Best of all, you will be able to create and print a 3D object, and have hands-on with slicing software. Experience with Photoshop CC or a CAD program is helpful, but not required. Come with an idea of what you would like to create. 3 Mondays • 6 - 9pm • Nov. 5 - Nov. 26 • $99 (No class Nov. 12) TC36-F18 Instructor: Randy Lennox Adobe CC for Beginning Graphic Designers Adobe owns the creative software market with their Creative Cloud Suite, and there are three software titles every beginning designer must know: Photoshop CC (photo repair and manipulation), Illustrator CC (line drawings and logo creation), and InDesign CC (text and image assembly for print and digital page creation). Experience these three fundamental tools of design in a hands-on approach where you will explore which tasks are suited for which tools, and how they work seamlessly together to produce amazing results. Bring your own ideas and projects to work on in class. It is best to have a basic working knowledge and familiarity with computers.   4 Thursdays • 6 - 9pm • Oct. 4 - Oct. 25 • $189 TC41-F18 Instructor: Michael Koykka Technology Technology Paying for College Without Sacrificing Your Retirement Parents with children of all ages, come hear college planning observations and strategies that you will not hear from your local high school. Learn why choosing a “reach” school may be dangerous and how to predict your financial aid package even before you apply. Explore the best financial aid and admissions strategy bar none. Learn why families who make $400,000 get financial aid and how to find the right balance between your college and retirement goals. The #1 question to ask colleges that may save you thousands off the total cost will be revealed. Tuesday • 6:30 - 9pm • Sept. 18 • $55 BF19-F18 Instructor: Timothy Higgins Student Loan Debt Relief If you are paying off student loans, you need to attend this workshop! You will learn the advantages and “how to” of consolidating government student loans – reducing your monthly payments - as well as rapidly paying off crushing long term debt. Reducing your student loan monthly payments can automatically be used to help you eliminate other debt. Loan Forgiveness information is also reviewed. You will learn the difference between various student loan repayment plans as well as how to switch plans for your maximum advantage as your circumstances change. A large majority of grads and/or their parents are vaguely aware of the options available to them, but have no specific information on how to choose or apply them effectively. Dealing directly with the government can be an intimidating and daunting challenge. The workshop includes a free workbook. An optional textbook is available for $29 from the instructor. Tuesday • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Sept. 18 • $55 BF01-F18 Instructor: Tim Schnelle Position Your Business and Personal Finances for Success! Your choice: Cash Flow or Cash Crunch? Discover the tools you need to help better position your company for success by learning the basic types of business organizations and continuation plans, maximizing cash flow, while protecting your personal and business assets. Learn how to leverage critical tools including business plans, budgets, financial oversight, various insurance and other business and personal protection instruments to grow and prosper. Wednesday • 6:30 - 8:30pm • Oct. 3 • $49 BF30-F18 Instructors: Bruce Share & Bob Roselli The Solidworks class was a great refresher for me. The teacher was very knowledgeable on all aspects of Solidworks. Douglas Bonnell Solidworks: 3D Cad