11 Life’s Too Short to be a Bystander – Design YOUR Life YOUR Way! Does it sometimes seem like as you get older, it feels less and less like you still have the chance to define your own path? Does it sometimes feel like life has gotten away from you, and you’re no longer master of your own destiny? In a rut or overwhelmed? Get ready to revitalize your life in this engaging, insightful workshop that will help you analyze who you are and what you want in life amidst the noise. In this five-phase life planning process, with instructional videos, proven tactics and group exercises you’ll reflect on who you are, clarify your core values and envision where you see yourself in the future, then develop a roadmap to get on your way. In one revealing exercise, you’ll examine your current approach to the future and be offered a more effective alternative helping you gain clarity about what’s most important in the next phase of your life and how to achieve it. You will receive a workbook with tools and strategies to help you learn how to more effectively achieve your goals. Given the challenges you are facing and may face in the future, these tools will help you find clarity. With the support of a compassionate coach, at the end of this workshop you will feel more hopeful and confident about the next step you are going to take with your life. 5 Wednesdays • 6:30 - 8:30pm • Sept. 19 - Oct. 17 • $125 CB14-F18 Instructor: Kristie Haskell Public Speaking 101 Are you making the impression you want to be making? Need to polish your speaking skills for work? Want to eliminate fears and anxieties of speaking? From the moment you enter a room in literally seconds you make your impression...your smile, your voice, your first few words, your style, your energy, your initial eye contact--all of these ingredients create the successful chemistry to “command presence!”  In this dynamic, fast-paced fun workshop you will strengthen and polish your speaking style by using energizing tools and techniques to help you engage your audience and speak more effectively. Learn how to organize your thoughts and content, polish your articulation and pronunciation, work on proper breathing techniques, create instant rapport and build a relationship with your audience, master storytelling, all while strengthening your self confidence! It’s a great opportunity to practice speaking in a supportive, pressure-free environment. Participants will be invited to raise questions and discuss particular situations. Come dressed in comfortable clothing, bring a notebook and water. Monday • 6:30 - 8:30pm • Nov. 5 • $59 CB02-F18 Instructor: Lau Lapides Publish Your Book Guaranteed Do you want to publish your book? Get the tips, tricks, and techniques from a longtime publisher and marketing expert.  Get the inside perspective on how to self-publish your manuscript and get it onto book store shelves, ebook form, and in audiobook. Learn now to arrange your own promotional signing and interview tours. Tuesday • 6 - 9pm • Oct. 16 • $59 CB19-F18 Instructor: David Ewen QuickBooks Desktop Part I Computerized bookkeeping with QuickBooks is the number one small business accounting software. Business owners automate your business and become more productive with QuickBooks. For job seekers, obtain in-demand QuickBooks skills. Learn how to set up a business, customize the chart of accounts and work with vendors, customers, and employees. Also, learn the sales process, recording receipt of payments, entering and paying bills, managing bank accounts, credit cards, and more. You should have a general understanding of basic accounting knowledge, such as Accrual Accounting, Double Entry Accounting and Debits and Credits. Textbookinformationisprovidedonourwebsiteandinyourconfirmationemail.. 5 Tuesdays • 6 - 9pm • Sept. 18 - Oct. 16 • $249 CB08-F18 Instructor: Gary Thurston QuickBooks Desktop Part II Explore more with QuickBooks. Learn how to run and read financial statements, order and track inventory, review pricing options, track and bill for time and materials, set up and process payroll, create custom forms, process year-end procedures, and more. Textbookinformationisprovidedonourwebsiteandinyourconfirmationemail.. 5 Tuesdays • 6 - 9pm • Oct. 30 - Nov. 27 • $249 CB09-F18 Instructor: Gary Thurston Stand-Up Comedy Workshop Are you interested in performing stand-up comedy? Learn how to craft a 5 minute original stand-up comedy sketch!  Discover the essentials of joke writing, stage presence, performance techniques, and the process of ‘doing’ stand-up comedy.  You will write and perform your own stand- up materials in class while receiving constructive feedback from your instructors.   Please arrive at the first class with 2-3 minutes of prepared material. 4 Mondays • 6:30 - 8pm • Oct. 15 - Nov. 5 • $99 CB16-F18 Instructors:FrankGazerro&MikeFahey