11 LinkedIn: Today’s Best Job Search Tool Employers and recruiters relentlessly search the Internet for qualified job candidates now. The best place for most professionals to be found is on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is much more than a public resume. It is a verification that you understand how business works today. Over 90% of employers and recruiters Google job applicants. They trust LinkedIn Profiles to generally be more credible than a job application because your friends, family, and colleagues can see it. Without a LinkedIn Profile, employers and recruiters tend to assume that you are out-of-date with the ways business leverages the Internet today. Learn the essential elements of a successful LinkedIn Profile, how to find and leverage your best keywords, how to choose the best LinkedIn Groups for you, and how to demonstrate your professional expertise through Updates. Monday • 6:30 - 9pm • April 23 • $49 CB11-S18 Instructor: Susan Joyce Successful Small Business Start-Up and Management by SCORE® Are you thinking about starting a business, have begun the planning process, or recently started a business and are looking to sharpen your skills, investigate new tools, or expand your knowledge? The course consists of six tested and acclaimed weekly workshops taught by successful business executives from SCORE®, Counselors to America’s Small Business, who can assist you in each stage. Some topics covered in class include how to get organized, why businesses succeed or fail, how to prepare a crucial business plan and communicate your strategy for achieving objectives, how to create an effective marketing plan, essential decisions to make when starting a business, the importance of creating and using financial documents, the growing importance of e-commerce and social media, and pros and cons of the various legal entity structures. SCORE® counseling is also available to you, free of charge, in a one- on-one meeting, on any aspect of opening and managing your business. (SCORE® has offices in Worcester, Westborough, Fitchburg, Devens, Marlboro, Milford, Southbridge, and Whitinsville.) 6 Tuesdays • 6:30 - 9pm • February 27 - April 3 • Single $129 Couples $229 CB13-S18 Facilitator: Bob Aspell Too Busy to Find New Clients? Are you self employed, a contractor, or small business owner with up to 5 employees? Do you have no budget for advertisement and worries about how the next client will find you? Do you feel overwhelmed between doing the work and finding new clients? Don’t spread yourself so thin! We invite you to explore an online tool that will bring new clients almost everyday, straight to your inbox - even if you don’t have a website! You will learn how to stand out from the competition, how to present your business, how to develop rates that will allow you to grow, and how to take the best out of Thumbtack Pro - the tool that has been changing the life of small business owners nationwide! You will have so many new leads, you will have to let some go! 2 Thursdays • 6 - 8:30pm • March 8 - March 15 • $89 CB15-S18 Instructor: Patricia Allen Life’s Too Short to be a Bystander – Design YOUR Life YOUR Way! Does it sometimes seem like as you get older, it feels less and less like you still have the chance to define your own path? Does it sometimes feel like life has gotten away from you, and you’re no longer master of your own destiny? In a rut or overwhelmed? Get ready to revitalize your life in this engaging, insightful workshop that will help you analyze who you are and what you want in life amidst the noise. In this five-phase life planning process, with instructional videos, proven tactics and group exercises you’ll reflect on who you are, clarify your core values and envision where you see yourself in the future, then develop a roadmap to get on your way. In one revealing exercise, you’ll examine your current approach to the future and be offered a more effective alternative helping you gain clarity about what’s most important in the next phase of your life and how to achieve it. You will receive a workbook with tools and strategies to help you learn how to more effectively achieve your goals. Given the challenges you are facing and may face in the future, these tools will help you find clarity. With the support of a compassionate coach, at the end of this workshop you will feel more hopeful and confident about the next step you are going to take with your life. 5 Wednesdays • 6:30 - 8:30pm • February 28 - March 28 • $125 CB14-S18 Instructor: Kristie Haskell