When you are the first born of eight children, you learn how to get things done. Véronique, born in Bordeaux, France, earned her Masters in Engineering and her Doctorate in Chemistry by the age of 27. She has traveled all over the world and besides speaking French and English, she speaks Arabic and has studied German, Spanish, Latin, and old Greek. Professionally speaking, she was a Middle-East export director for a French company and was the developer for medical and plastic surgery products in Paris.

In 2015, she joined Assabet After Dark to teach a French Basics class. Within four years, she had built a language program like no other and had developed a loyal and connected following of French speaking students. She created three levels of French curriculum, a study group, and a conversation group for her students. To encourage French immersion, she developed a private Facebook group where students socialize and share in French. Most recently, Véronique arranged and hosted a summer trip to France where they continued to learn and discover the joys of French culture.